About Jeans and Boots

Jeans and Boots is simply my way of keeping a journal of what is happening on the ranch. Products I have used with an update on how well they worked can be found scattered throughout my posts. While the posts may contain affiliate links, which helps to support my little farm without any extra cost to you, it also helps me find what I need in a hurry. 

I also like to do a lot of crafting, in a variety of media and styles. I like to share those days here as well. Helps me keep track of things I have tried and worked well, and things that didn't work so well, with maybe some work-around solutions.

And last but not least, I love to cook, so there will be lots of recipes shared. I like to keep things natural and organic, whenever possible, so along with my cooking posts, there will probably be lots of gardening information to share as well.